Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blanket Chest and Answers

I thought I would take a minute to answer a few questions I have been asked recently:

Where do you get barn wood?  I am extremely lucky to have a friend who is a wood worker who gave me several loads of his leftovers.  Many of these pieces are warped and would not work for the beautiful pieces he creates.  I won't always have this source. Luckily I find that old fence boards and pallet wood give a lovely patina with paint layers and stain.  I do know that people have seen barns falling down and have asked if they can take them apart and the owners have allowed it.  It is good to offer to pay for the wood, although many people have gotten it for free or at least for the work of removing the dilapidated building.

Where and what "shows" do you do?  I do shows that are in Montana, my home state.  The farthest I go as of now for a show is a 3 hour drive.  Currently I do about 5 shows a year plus I sell at our local Farmer's Market, which is much more than just produce.  I would love to do 6-8 shows a year.  No shows in your area?  Consider putting one on!

From the recent show pictures, what percentage of the merchandise did you sell?  I usually almost sell out.  At the April show I did I brought home 8 items, only 1 being a large piece of furniture.  Typically I sell 90+% of my merchandise.  The show this past weekend had a little bit lower attendance rate than typical, I still sold 85% of what I took.  

Hope this helps a bit!

You may have seen the little blanket chest in my pictures from the show.  Here is a closer look.  I did make this from the barn wood.
I started with a nice 3x3 piece of wood.  I knew it would make great legs for a piece.  I cut it into 4 equal lengths and went from there in deciding what to build.  After attaching 4 sides I decided on a blanket chest or trunk or coffee table or whatever you want to call it.
I pieced the top together.  
Here is a peek at the inside:

I rusted the hinges,
painted and stained it all for a great storage piece.


  1. wow! love it, and so happy you do so well at your shows! I'm curious, how much this would go for?
    ps probably a no-reply comment blogger. :(

  2. It doesn't surprise me you do so well! You do beautiful work!! I agree with Gail how do you know how to price your items? Do you do it mainly on the time you spend? You obviously price them right...they sell! Thanks for sharing your info!! I love the blanket chest!!! And the hinges look so good rusted!

  3. Love the colors on this blanket chest. I'm happy to hear that you do so well at shows. I'm doing my first show in September so it will be a busy summer of painting. Blessings, Patti

  4. it's funny because I really need/want a couple of blanket chests right now-can't find any I like and/or can afford. I love yours. Too bad you live more than half way across the country

  5. Will you be coming to UpCountry Friends Vintage Market in Helena this coming Saturday?

  6. So far away but I can live vicariously, can't I? If you ever decide to go south to get away from those brutal winters, please consider Delray Beach, Fla...lots of farmers market-type stuff going on in the area in the winter. We cater to "snowbirds" from all over the north...brrrr :-)


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